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Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Location Revealed!


Located in the Cowichan Valley and taking its name from an Aboriginal word meaning “the warm land”, the Vancouver Island Motorosport Resort is surrounded by vast tracts of unspoiled mountains, forest and coastal wilderness.

This particular area of Vancouver Island is filled with an abundance of towering old-growth forests, alluring beaches and meandering rivers. It is the land of fisherman, foragers, vintners, organic farmers, artisanal cheese makers, and slow-food chefs. The Cowichan Valley is blessed by a warm climate, ideal growing conditions for grapes and other fruits and vegetables.

Nestled in the warm valley south of Mount Prevost, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort will be opening its doors to...

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Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit

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Base.OnActionExecuting 2023-12-02 8:13:01 PM
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